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Bitcoin Can Split Too!

Retail investors believe that a stock split is something good. For this reason, they often chase a stock after a split announcement. It nearly always becomes self-fulfilling. FANNG companies Apple…
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Tight Fit.

There are many reasons why crypto has been running but the ones that matter to the fiat price are nearly always missed by the crypto obsessed and the crypto oppressed.…
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The First Trade

Ten years ago the first (electronic order book) exchange trade for Bitcoin took place on Mt. Gox. Two parties exchanged 20 Bitcoin for US$0.99. Consider that most people are encouraged…
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Sweet Sixteen

Bitcoin miners were hard at work on labour day creating 16 new blocks (200 new Bitcoin) in one hour instead of the usual 6 new blocks (75 new Bitcoin).
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Bitcoin Time

Yes Bitcoin miners can can warp time. Halvening happens when a predetermined block is created but when you create blocks faster time runs faster too!
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Holding Bitcoin is profitable 87% of the time.

Profitable Days With Bitcoin

#Bitcoin (BTC) is the most profitable asset in human history. If you had bought BTC RANDOMLY, at ANY TIME since inception, you would have been profitable 87% of the time!
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