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The First Trade

Ten years ago the first (electronic order book) exchange trade for Bitcoin took place on Mt. Gox. Two parties exchanged 20 Bitcoin for US$0.99.

Consider that most people are encouraged to think about their long term fiat savings in ten year time frames when they decide where best to put their money and the significance of the first exchange transaction begins to become apparent.

If the person buying those 20 Bitcoin still holds those coins as a long term saver they would be worth over US$ 180,000 now and this small holding would be worth a little more than the market value of all the Bitcoin mined at the time of the original purchase.


The First Bitcoin Trade

The exact specifications of the first Bitcoin trade:

Time: 2010-07-17 23:09:17 UTC
Amount: 20.00000000 BTC
Price: $0.04951
Value: $0.9902



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