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Doomsday coin

What Is The Price Of Your Doomsday Insurance?

“If you want to get a different result, do a different thing!” This is one of those well known, and over used phrases, that most of us come across but seldom do anything with. Indeed, even if acted on, most people only modify that thing rather than do a different thing altogether.

Bitcoin is completely different because Bitcoin is not money, not wealth and does not recognise the status of either. People in the world with serious money are taking this onboard. Will you do something about it too? Taking one percent of his net worth and buying Bitcoin has been very good for Palihapitiya over the past seven years. The price of his Doomsday insurance was around USD 80 million but its value now is around USD 9 billion even without the Doomsday coming to pass (yet).

You might not have your Doomsday insurance yet, and you might not know what the cost of it is today, but the price of Bitcoin, as that insurance, is only rising over time because there is a fixed supply and with the passage of time more people want it.



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