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The 15,000.

Can 15,000 people wrong? Do you remember how the 300 fared back in the day?

People tend to be followers which is a conditioned trait that is not necessarily appropriate in a decentralised world. This Halvening is different from those that went before it in more ways than just having three other halvenings happen around the same time. Whilst 48% of people are looking for a price dump after 11 May because that happened last time and that is what LTC, BCH and BSV did it does not mean BTC will follow the same path. BTC has a wealth of structured products around it (both in the crypto world and the fiat world) which miners can use to smooth the supply side shock and protect profitability. The other coins do not and BTC did not last time.

The more likely profile of price action is one of subdued price discovery which will lead to external events have a pronounced influence until a new cost of acquisition trend is agreed upon. Once this new baseline price is established the some (or all) of the over supply being generated now will be released to offset liabilities and satisfy demand.




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